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Sunderland Gazebo

Sunderland Gazebo Sunderland Gazebo

Sunderland Gazebo 2.5m x 2.5m x2.6m high

This Sunderland Gazebo is a sturdy and elegant addition to any garden. It’s great for adding shade on a sunny day, and comes complete with mosquito nets to keep biting insects at bay. The gazebo has a steel frame which is coated in black powder for protection; the side panels and roof are made from beige coloured quick drying polyester.

There is an air vent in the roof to reduce air pressure to aid the stability of the gazebo, although it should not be left outside in high winds or stormy conditions.

There is free UK delivery on this item.

Measurements: 2.5m x 2.5m; height: 2.6m

Reviews have said that this gazebo provides great value for money and it lookls lovely in the garden. One reviewer stated that they used it to cover their hot tub. It’s certainly a stylish way to add an attractive shaded area to every garden.

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