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Showerproof Gazebo

Ravenna Showerproof Gazebo

Ravenna Showerproof Gazebo

Ravenna Showerproof Gazebo 4m x 3m

The Ravenna Showerproof Gazebo is a 4m x3m gazebo made from polyester, with sides made from netting. It features a steel tube frame construction and is sturdily made.  The roof canopy is made from polyester.

This gazebo is ideal for using when you are entertaining guests and / or family in your garden, and the gazebo provides both shelter from a rain shower and shade from the hot sun. However, it is not suitable for use when it is windy.

Measurements: 3m x 4m x 2.55m high; the height at the edge is 2m

A great way to help you get the best use out of your garden.

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Accessories available which can be purchased separately include gazebo leg weights.

It should not be used in high winds or storms.

Waterproof Gazebo

Waterproof Gazebo

Waterproof Gazebo by Ravenna 3m x 4m

This Waterproof Gazebo, made by Ravenna and sold by Greenfingers, is available in either green or natural. The canopy is made from polyester and the frame is sturdy with a steel tube construction. The sides are made from netting, and this gazebo is ideal for outdoor parties, providing shade from the sun, and protection from  a shower should you get caught out with the weather.

Enjoy your garden, even in the rain, with this well designed waterproof gazebo by Ravenna.

It should not be used in strong winds.

Measurements: 3m x 4m x 2.55m (height at centre); edge height 2m;  (all measurements are approximate)

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