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Wood Hexagonal Gazebo

Wood Hexagonal Gazebo

Wood Hexagonal Gazebo by Emperor, 5m

This Wood Hexagonal Gazebo by Emperor is a top quality gazebo which has a 15 year guarantee against rot. The gazebo is really big inside, with space for a dining table and chairs (please note that the benches shown inside the gazebo are not included with it). The timber roof provides shade and there are solid infill panels on three of the sides, railed panels on two of the sides and an open panel which is the entrance to the gazebo.

The timber used to construct this gazebo has been subject to a treatment that leaves the wood a light, natural colour. The treatment means that the gazebo is guaranteed against rot, decay and attack from insects.

Dimensions: width: 485 cm; overall height: 352 cm; height to bottom of roof: 218cm

This is the perfect piece of garden furniture to provide a space for entertaining your friends and family outdoors. It is modern, attractive and makes outdoor partying easy as it is a permanent fixture in your garden. Alternatively, you can just sit under it to relax in the sun.

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