Majestic Steel Gazebo with Glass Drinks Shelf

majestic-steel-gaebo-with-glass-drinks-shelfSteel Framed Gazebo

This is an amazing gazebo! Made from steel, with a mini bar, it could easily become your favourite piece of garden furniture this summer. Just imagine sitting within its confines, sipping champagne and staring at the sunset with your partner.  Alternatively, it would be a great place for you and your guests to relax and unwind and at an impromptu barbecue party.

The gazebo frame features an attractive grape design. Above this railing is a glass bar shelf on which you can place your champagne glass whilst chatting with your friends. The steel frame makes the gazebo strong and long lasting so it will serve you for many years to come. The fabric is made from polyester which is quick drying (a necessary feature for our British summer weather!) In addition, the net mosquito curtains will help protect from the glare of the sun and help keep the nasty bitey insects away.

Measurements: 400cm x 350cm x 255cm

£199 with free delivery

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